Radiohead - Burn The Witch Gewinnspiel

Win a copy of Radioheads „Burn the Witch“ on 7″

The release of the 7″ „Burn The Witch“, the first of single of Radioheads upcoming album „Moon Shaped Pool“, has been pretty mysterious. We received loads of e-mails and calls plus enquiries from customers in the store, when the single will finally be available. Yesterday we got a little package with exactly three copies of the 7″. Since we don´t really know who was the first, second and third one who asked for the single, for reasons of fairness we decided not to sell the singles. Instead we set up a little competition!
It´s quite fascinating that only 100 of the 2500 singles that have been pressed found their way to Germany. If you think about the number of record stores in this country, three copies are quite a lot. But enough said.

How to win a copy of „Burn The Witch“

Win a copy of Radioheads Burn The WitchTo enter the competition you must own an account on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. If this condition is fulfilled, you must take the following steps:

For Facebook users:
1. Be(come) a fan of Dodo Beach Recordstore.
2. Like our post on Facebook
3. Tell us in a comment, which is your favourite album by Radiohead.

For Instagram users:
1. Be(come) a follower of @dodobeachberlin.
2. Post a picture of your favourite Radiohead vinyl and tag/mention @dodobeachberlin in your post.

For Twitter users:
1. Be(come) a follower of @dodobeachberlin.
2. Tweet about your favourite Radiohead album and tag/mention @dodobeachberlin.

All comments/pictures/tweets that fulfil these conditions and are posted until May, 27th 8pm CEST automatically enter the competition.

Der Dodo

Der Dodo gilt seit 1690 als ausgestorben. Das ist natürlich vollkommener Unsinn. Im Berliner Stadteil Schöneberg hat er ein schönes Reservat gefunden, in dem er sich seiner großen Leidenschaft widmen kann: der Vinyl Schallplatte!

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